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We’re experts in automation, with an emphasis on simplicity and an understanding that not one size will fit all. If you’re looking for help with Jenkins or Symantec Altiris, we can help you integrate as well as get these products running from scratch!

Our pricing model is straight-forward: You only pay for productive time. If we’ve got progress bars scrolling or code compiling, you’re not getting charged.

Here is an example of our up-front pricing. For exact pricing that meets your business need, please contact us.

First 2.5 hours (Remote)$180
Hourly (Remote)$90
First 2.5 hours (On-site)$300
After-hours (5 PM to 9 AM, Central Time)x1.5
Teaching hourly$200

We do not and will not offer a “subscription”-style model, often referred to as “Managed Services”. We believe in an on-going partnership if you so desire, and will follow-up on a regular basis with you. Managed Service models often serve as a way to deal with you less and removes the motivation to maintain a good partnership. By removing that option, we feel that we can provide you better and more timely service that is more relevant to your on-going business experience.